Miki Foods Pap/Akamu/Ogi Flour 500g

//Miki Foods Pap/Akamu/Ogi Flour 500g

Miki Foods Pap/Akamu/Ogi Flour 500g


Miki Foods Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi Flour has been carefully processed and packed under optimum hygienic conditions and its natural nutrient value is retained for maximum nutrition.

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1.Put some powdered Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi Flour into a sizeable bowl.

2.Use a tablespoon to stir the Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi Flour.

3.Add cold water in small quantities and mix till you have a consistency with no lumps.

4.Put a pot of water to boil. Make sure the water will be enough.It is better to boil much water than not have enough water when making Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi.

5.Just before the water boils, stir the Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi Flour mix very well because some of the Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi Flour may have settled at the bottom of the bowl. If not stirred well, this is the major cause of lumps when you start making it.

6.Once the water boils, pour it slowly but steadily in a circular motion into the bowl of Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi Flour mix and stir at the same time. Pouring the hot water slowly and stirring at the same is very important because this prevents lumps.

7.Once you see the mixture setting, stop stirring and reduce the flow of water you are pouring till the Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi has completely set.

8.Stir the Pap/ Akamu/ Ogi very well. If it is too thick for you, you can add more hot water. But be careful else it will become watery. Remember that you can still add milk.


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